Characters (Spoilers)

World Introduced/Revived Died
Resident Evil Zhang Jie, Zheng Zha, Zhan Lan, Li Xiaoyi, Mou Gang Mou Gang, Chubby Dude, Middle Age Woman
Alien Chu Xuan, Zero, Kampa Lovski, Li Shuaixi Li Xiaoyi, Li Shuaixi, Kampa Lovski
The Grudge Zhao Yinkong, Qi Tengyi, Arnold, Ming Yanwei, Lu Renjia, Xiao Binyi, Qun Zhongding Chu Xuan, Arnold, Ming Yanwei, Lu Renjia, Xiao Binyi, Qun Zhongding
The Mummy Xiao Honglu, Zhang Heng, Gao HongLiang, Qin Zhuiyu Qi Tengyi, Zero, Gao HongLiang, Qin Zhuiyu
Final Destination Wang Xia, Huang Lilin, Zhu Wen Zhang Jie, Wang Xia, Huang Lilin, Zhu Wen
Alien: Resurrection Cheng Xiao
Resident Evil: Apocalypse Zhan Lan, Zhao Yinkong, Xiao HongLu, Zhang Heng, Cheng Xiao
The Mummy Chu Xuan, Kampa Lovski, Wang Xia
The Lost World: Jurassic Park Luo Gando, Wang Aiai Luo Gando, Wang Aiai
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (The Mummy) Zhan Lan, Zero
Starship Troopers Luo Gando
Resident Evil
Lord of the Rings

Team China

Zheng Zha - White collared worker. The name is a homophone with struggle
Zhang Jie (Dead) - Retired soldier
Zhan Lan (Revived) - Writer
Li Xiaoyi (Dead) - High school student
Mou Gang (Dead) - Truck driver
Chu Xuan (Revived) - Researcher in a military base, genetically modified human
Kampa Lovski (Revived) - Mercenary
Zero (Revived) - Assassin, sniper
Li Shuaixi (Dead) - Recent college graduate
Zhao Yinkong (Dead) - Assassin, ~16 years old girl
Qi Tengyi (Dead) - Appraiser for items stolen from tombs, was actually a grave robber
Ming Yanwei (Dead)
Lu Renjia (Dead) - College student
Xiao Binyi (Dead) - College student
Qun Zhongding (Dead) - College student
Xiao Honglu (Dead) - Genius boy, ~11 years old
Zhang Heng (Dead) - College student, skilled with archery
Gao HongLiang (Dead) - Computer programmer
Qin Zhuiyu (Dead) - Actress
Wang Xia (Revived) - Scout specialized in mines and traps in the special forces
Huang Lilin (Dead) - Editor and freelancer
Zhu Wen (Dead) - Mutated sight that allows her to see death
Cheng Xiao (Dead) - Army doctor
Luo Gando (Revived) - Orphan, underground racing driver

Team India

Shiva Gantan - Leader, monk
Minima - Giant enhanced with Toguro's Percentage Power
Lamu - Uses a needle as weapon
Shanaia - Mind control. Can create a mental network
Arot - Blonde European, doctor, werewolf
Muhammad Joseph - Cyborg
Manavia - Defensive force field

Team Devil

Zheng Zha
Chu Xuan
Ming Yanwei - Archer
Zhao ZhuiKong - Assassin
Tom - Psyche force user
Amy - Psyche force user
Techoi - Muay Thai fighter
Richard - Sniper
Francis - Shapeshifter

Team Africa (Southern Flame)

Neos - Criminal
Snow - Psyche force user
Aya - Witch
Richard - Berserker
Hawfor - Lightning Devil Fruit
Rose - Couple
Marnie - Couple

Team South America (Forest)

Nick - Psyche force user, bow user

Team South Northern Ice Land


Team East America

Zhao ZhuiKong


  1. You wrote Qi Tengyi two times xD

    1. Could please tell me if there is a protagonist in this novel?

    2. actually they are a team ,ZhengZha ,ChuXuan are both leaders, Zheng should be as a Symbol of Strength of this team while Chu as a Symbol of Wisdom.

  2. Can you also add when they first appeared please. It's still hard to remember who they are because i'm not familiar with Chinese names.

  3. all names are good Shanaia also fit as a girl name.

  4. Didn't zero die in the mummy movie?

  5. so who is the main character or is it a diffrent group of people each volume im curious

  6. This page seriously needs updating.

  7. I wish there was a biography page for recurring characters. List of abilities and tools and such.

  8. you forgot WangXia on the revived list

  9. When did Zheng Jie die? Can someone tell me? He's listed as dead but I don't see it.

  10. author you not going to make epub file anymore??

    1. I am only the translator. It has been very busy for me the past few weeks that I slowed down the translation. I should start making the epubs for vol 14 and 15 next week.

    2. Can you pls make epubb for volumes 15-18? Thx

  11. SPOILER::


    1. If your still avaliable to and can answer. Can you tell me if in the raw they are able to revive jie as a normal member. Or if because he was the guide there unable to or need special requiremeents exceeding the normal revival payment

    2. Jie cannot be revived because he isn't considered a player anymore in the system. God runs on logic and doesn't make any exceptions.

    3. cheng Xiao will not revived? he's usefull for team in my opinion!

    4. Thank you so much, I wanted to know this and I've really grown to like that cold, cold girl X)

  12. I don't want to think this, but they don't plan to revive Qi Tengyi in The Mummy rather than God's Dimension, right? Qi Tengyi who only survived one mission where he made 2000 points and a D rank reward? From the flow of chapter Vol 17 chapter 2, I can't help but worry they are going to go to the Mummy for the revival and spend 8000 Points and B rank reward. 4000 points and two C and a D rank reward more than they have to. That would be a total negligence by the author. Same for the girl archer of Team Devil one day who died a Newbie just like Gando.

  13. May I join your translation stuff?

    1. Hey, I prefer to work alone. You might want to take a look at Qidian international. They just launched their English site and are looking for translators.

  14. When does zhen unlock the 4th and 5th constraint?

    1. The 4th is unlocked in the translation but I just haven't updated this blog.

    2. Oh, I see... Thank you for the info... Then, I will continue reading the novel in Wuxiaworld to reach the chapter when zheng unlock 4th stage... :v... PD: Como me gusta Terror Infinity.

  15. you really need to update this mate

    1. I've stopped working on this novel. I'll be translating a different novel soon.

  16. Hi Translator~~ Can you please tell what other novels are you translating? I am quite fond reading chinese novel this time but there are many unfinished novel.

    1. I think he is no longer doing translation now

  17. 2019 and still reading this novel, this is so good !!!

  18. no primeiro capitólio do volume 15, tem uma garotinha que esta sobre controle de deus, que garota e essa?, de onde ela veio?, foi a primeira vez que foi mencionada, e esta escrito como si todos a conhecesse